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Tudor Watches – Tools That Were Always Born To Dare

Cool tools from 1970...

1971 Catalogue featuring a 7021Sub Date

A Chainsaw and a Ranger Date 7966

Ron D, a collector from Washington DC, very kindly sent me a set of pictures of a Tudor catalogue from 1970. The catalogue features all the iconic sports models from the era including the Homeplate chrono, Submariner Date 7021, Ranger and Date + Day. What I find so interesting is the choice of professions for the guys wearing these watches. Rally driver for the Homeplate, lumberjack for Ranger and a mining engineer for the Date + Day. In line with Wilsdorf’s vision for Tudors to be worn by guys who need the watches to be rugged and ready for action.

The full set of pictures is in the Accessories section here.


Swinging Lady - professional golfer Jane Findlay

Sliding Lady - professional water skier Leigh Hansen

Price List

Ron also sent me pics of a Canadian price list (effective September 1971). You can see that here. You can see that both the Homeplate 7032 and Monte Carlo 7149/59 chronographs are in the price list. If only I had a time machine…


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