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Blue Seas and Blue Dials – The Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue

As the world begins to see blue skies through the clearing clouds of the global pandemic and enforced global lockdowns, the Black Bay 58 (BB58) has had a blue makeover and it’s exactly what all Tudor Collectors were looking for… Read more

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  • Paddles Up – Hammers Down: June 2020

    Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown, Geneva Auction Weekend is a month late this year. Christie's and Sotheby's have cancelled their sales but Phillips and Antiquorum are pushing on...
  • Heirloomers – A Canadian Tudor Rolex Love Story

    Today we launch a new series on Tudor Collector that focuses on Tudor watches that have been passed down to family members or friends - horological heirlooms! And we kick off with a great story. A double signed dial isn't always a rarity, but in this case it really is! A Tudor Rolex signed dial made its way from Canada to Scotland in the 1950s and today we share its story in Heirloomers...
  • Thrill of The Chase: Four Canadian MilSubs

    The existence of the Hybrid Tudor Sub first emerged with watches issued by the Canadian Navy. Today we open the lid on an incredible quartet of Hybrid MilSubs...