Ross Povey

The man behind Tudor Collector

Ross is the Founder of, which is internationally regarded as the preeminent resource for the vintage Tudor collecting community. As part of his extensive research, Ross has unearthed some of the most important Tudor watches, especially military-issued pieces.

Ross writes for and has contributed to some of the most influential, international, horological on-line platforms and publications, including; Revolution, Bulang & Sons, Pucci Papaleo Editore, The Telegraph, The Rake, Watchonista, Hodinkee, QP and The Vintage Rolex Forum.

Ross established Tudor Collector to be an inclusive and authentic voice amidst the watch collecting world; an antidote to the ocean of commercially driven content in which watch enthusiasts surf.

“The honest and transparent content of this resource is what makes it world renowned, but I also see this as an opportunity, in this field, to be more daring than ever. My aim is to bring exciting surprises and challenges to our readers and to share world-exclusives and new insights that have never before been available.

The brotherhood and sisterhood of the watch collecting world makes this possible. This is a community in which information, knowledge and resources are so freely shared. Those new to watch collecting are as welcome here as the anonymous uber-collectors.”  Ross Povey.

Every watch has a story. Welcome to the world of story time. Welcome to the world of Tudor Collector.

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