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The World’s Most Beautiful Tudor Photography

A new era begins on Tudor Collector with enhanced image libraries...

The primary aim of has always been to create a resource bank of information for the watch community that is focused on Tudor watches and accessories and other related articles.

I always love getting emails from followers and fellow Tudor fans. Hearing about new finds, discussing interesting Tudors and sharing knowledge is one of the best parts of this hobby.


In recent months I have been getting a lot of requests to help authenticate watches. Sometimes people are deciding whether or not to ‘dive in’ on a purchase and other times a collector has taken delivery of a watch and wants to share their enthusiasm.

Whilst it’s hard to truly know for sure if a watch is ‘correct’ or not from a photograph, I always try to offer my opinion and help as much as possible.


To help the community to understand some of the nuances of vintage Tudors and help when assessing a possible purchase, I am pleased to present a new era of photo libraries, exclusively at

For a number of years, I have been discussing this project with a great friend and one of the watch world’s leading photographers, Luca Garbati.

Luca shoots pictures for some of the world’s leading watch dealers and I am incredibly grateful to Luca and his network of dealer friends including  Roberto Randazzo. Andrea Piccinini and Corrado Matarelli, who have generously allowed me to use their images for Tudor Collector.

The links below are your exclusive access to some of the world’s most stunning vintage Tudor chronograph photography:

First Series Big Block Page

Second Series Big Block Page

Homeplate Page

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more updates coming soon…


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