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Just Because – A Tropical Tudor Submariner 7924

'Just Because' is our occasional look at a fabulous Tudor watch - just because it's cool and we love it! Today we want to share a Tudor 7924 with incredible tropical dial and its original box and papers...

The Big Crown Begins

The Tudor 7924 was the first commercially available so-called Big Crown Submariner. The development of the watch was part of a well documented relationship with the French National Navy, the Marine Nationale, who had been using Tudor Submariners since they took delivery of the first batch os small crown 7922 Subs. The Big Crown 7924 was produced until the 7928 was introduced in 1959. The 8mm large-size winding crown stamped ‘Brevet’, the tropic 17 domed crystal and 38mm case make this a great watch to wear and, in many collectors’ minds, the true essence of the Submariner.

Just check the dial our - super tropical and in stunning condition

Photo Dr Strong

Perfect Proportions - the case size with the large 8mm winding crown

Photo Dr Strong

A Strong Watch

The watch belongs to my friend Jeff, known as @_drstrong_ who has been a passionate collector of vintage Rolex and Tudor watches for many years. Based in the South of France, he has unearthed some incredible Tudor MN watches, as well as Comex and other issued dive watches. Jeff also loves a Daytona or two!

Perfect Pairing - the Tudor 7924 with a gilt 5513 with Tiffany & Co dial

Photo Dr Strong

Chilling by the pool - a dynamic duo of divers

Photo Dr Strong

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