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A Daring Debut: Tudor’s Black Bay Chrono “Pink”

In a world where tradition often overshadows innovation, Tudor has once again stepped into the limelight with its audacious new offering: the Black Bay Chrono “Pink”.

There is nothing like a surprise, especially when it comes to watch launches. Just 24 hours after Tudor announced that it was partnering with David Beckham’s Inter Miami football club, the brand dropped a new watch. Launched in collaboration with Jay Chou, this timepiece was announced as a celebration of the daring spirit that has been a hallmark of Tudor and its ambassadors. The pink dial is not just a colour choice; it’s a statement, echoing the boldness of figures like Jay Chou, David Beckham, and the leading riders of the Giro d’Italia. Add into the mix Nic Von Rupp’s pink rash vest at Nazare and Beauden Barrett’s pink New Zealand rugby strip and it was truly a family affair!


The Launch Grid on @tudorwatch Instagram

Key Features at a Glance

Case: A polished and satin-brushed finish in 316L stainless steel, 41mm in diameter.
Dial: Domed pink , accented with black circular sub-counters and the iconic “Snowflake” hands, with Grade A, Swiss Super-LumiNova®.
Movement: Manufacture Chronograph Calibre MT5813, boasting a 70-hour power reserve, COSC certification, and crafted with a silicon balance spring, column wheel construction, and vertical clutch.

The watch is essentially a regular Black Bay Chrono with new pink dial. Eagle-eyed Tudor fans may have noticed that Jay Chou announced that Tudor had gifted him this watch for his birthday a few months ago. Unlike the regular panda and reverse panda BB Chronos, however, the new Chrono Pink will be made in very limited numbers.

A Glimpse into Tudor’s Colourful Past

The introduction of the Black Bay Chrono “Pink” is not Tudor’s first foray into the world of coloured dials. The brand’s history of chronographs is dotted with experiments in dial design from the early Homeplates, Monte Carlos and even the 2010s Heritage Chronos. Pink has been a theme too with the famously rare pink prototype Big Block and the salmon dials of the 79200 series Small Block Watches.


A prototype pink Big Block dial

In the 1960s to 1980s, Tudor would often work with component manufacturers to experiment with new parts for watches, such as dials and hands. In the case of dials, it was often Singer who crafted dials that were both a testing ground for creativity and a statement of design intent. These prototype, or proposal, dials, including the pink Big Block, are a fascinating glimpse into the what-ifs of Tudor’s design history. They underscore the brand’s willingness to explore and push boundaries, even if some ideas remained in the “maybe another time” realm of experimentation.


Salmon Pink - A Tudor Small Block

The 79200 series, launched in 1995, marked a significant evolution in Tudor’s chronograph lineup. This series, known affectionately as the Small Blocks, showcased Tudor’s adaptability and its response to the trends set by iconic timepieces like the Daytona Perpetual. The introduction of salmon dials within this series was a subtle yet impactful nod to the growing trend for unique and distinctive dial colours, further emphasising Tudor’s commitment to diversity in design.

And then who could forget the 2000s, with some of the most out-there Tudors that we’ve seen? The 2007 Tudor catalogue featured the reference 20310 chronograph with diamond-set bezel and case with a matching rubber strap. Available in a rainbow of hues, the most obvious one to share here is the pink!


Reference 20310 Chronograph

Celebrating Tudor’s Daring Spirit

The Black Bay Chrono “Pink” is more than just a new timepiece; it is a celebration of Tudor’s unwavering commitment to innovation, design that exists in its chronographs and the daring spirit that has defined the brand throughout its history. From its collaborations with cultural icons to its historical experiments with dial colours, Tudor continues to stand at the forefront of watchmaking, not just as a keeper of time, but as a bold statement of individuality.


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