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Tudor Collector Needs You – The Tudor Oyster Project

Calling all Tudor Oyster owners - we need pictures of your Oyster watches from the 1940s-70s to create the world's most thorough database of dial variants...

For collectors, one of the most interesting aspects of collecting old Tudor Oysters is the dials. There were many different model references, but the sheer number of dial variations is staggering. I still quite regularly come across versions I have not seen before and it is always intriguing to see the detail and quality that was achieved nearly 70 years ago. I feel it’s time to create a reference for as many dial versions as we can – let’s do this! #tudoroysterproject

Share Your Shots

My intention is to initially create two new sections in The Collection – one for manual wind models and one for self-winding PRINCE references. Tudor Collector needs you to send in pictures of  your Tudor Oysters to enable us to create a community resource, and ultimately the definitive resource (or as close as we can get to), for all the different variations of dials that Tudor made for their Oyster watches.

Tudor Manual wind 7904 with waffle dial

Email Your Pictures

Whether you have a gilt or waffle dial, black or gently patinated ivory, we need a pic!  Whatever you have, send it through to and we can include it in the Tudor Oyster Project #tudoroysterproject

Ideally please include a face on picture in good light and the reference number of the watch. The serial number would also be helpful and if you have a cool story to share, that would be great too!


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