Welcome to Tudorcollector, the world’s only online community for
enthusiasts of Rolex Tudor watches. Our aim is to offer a platform on
which we can share research, offer insights into different strands of
the Rolex Tudor brand and offer a platform for all to share their
watches and stories.

Morgan Fehrenkamp created the original tudorcollector.com site in 2010 and
it was (and still is!) a ground breaking research platform for Rolex
Tudor wristwatches. We are witnessing a huge growth in interest in
Tudor watches and we hope this site will continue to develop as a
reference for enthusiasts and collectors. There is still a lot of
unknown information about Tudor watches, for example we know they were
issued to various military divisions, but very little information is
publically available.

Tudorcollector published the first authoritative article on the French
Navy ‘Marine Nationale’ issued Rolex Tudor Submariners; the infamous
Tudor MN Subs!

We hope to continue with such groundbreaking research and welcome
input from all readers. What we offer here is not necessarily
definitive, but a collation of informed information and experience
from some of the world’s most respected watch collectors; the true
essence of tudorcollector.com

Ross Povey & Morgan Fehrenkamp

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