Chrono Time  


We all love the Snowflakes, the MNs, the MonteCarlos, 7924s and other classic Tudors; that’s probably why your reading this in the first place! But the Tudor branch of Rolex created some other really interesting watches that, over time, seem to have ‘dropped off the radar’. Every now again I’ll be sharing a picture or a story behind some of these forgotten heroes!
First up, the Chrono-Time! Rolex introduced the Oysterquartz as a watch with an integrated bracelet and, whilst still technically an Oyster watch, a new case design. Tudor, being the ever more experimental cousin, produced a range of their own new case and integrated bracelet watches – the Tudor Oysterquartz, the Ranger 2 and the Chrono-Time; all sharing a similar theme of the new case design.
The Chrono-Time was however, like the Rolex ref 1530, not actually a quartz watch but featured the ETA auto movement. The watches had Rolex crowns, the often seen engraved caseback and measured 38mm. There was also a lady version the Princess Chronotime in a smaller case size.
I have seen examples in navy and maroon as per this example below, which belongs to Tudor collector Ian B.
Phtoto by Ian B

Phtoto by Ian B

Version 1.0

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