Greenland Expedition Watch

Presented here is a watch owned by French collector Guillaume. A Tudor 7809, used by Jock P Masterton on the British North Greenland Expedition 1952-54. Here, in Guillaume’s words, is its incredible story:

The watch I present is one of the thirty delivered by Tudor for the Expedition.
It’s a Tudor Oyster Prince Ref 7809 serial number 576XX who belonged to Jock P.Masterton, Royal  Navy Reserve Medical Doctor for both years (1952-54)

From L to R – Commander Simpson, Jock P.Masterton, Dicky Brooke
The watch:

The performance of this Expedition appears on every brochure of the “Explorer”.

The British North Greenland Expedition 1952-54 aimed to shed light on the natureof Greenland and its ice sheet covering 85 per cent of the land.
Program: Understand how fast the ice was diminishingDifferent kind of rocks and how much of the history of the ice sheetwould they reveal.Extend northward using the knowledge aquired by Paul-émile Victor “expeditionsPolaires Françaises 1948-51″Re-establishing the British polar Expedition.
It was a good opportunity for fighting services to take part in theexpedition in their own interests aswell as for Hans Wildorf giving 30 Tudors for this expedition.
The Royal Navy and the Army provided stores and equipments and loanedpersonnel to back up the scientists.The Royal Air Force flew to establish the expedition in the field. Pathé
Patron of the expedition: H.M the Queen Elisabeth Pathé
Vice-Patron: Sir Winston Churchill
30 Members of the Expedition:Agar John Army Officer. Royal Signals.Arnold Keith Graduate.Mike Banks (mountaineer) Royal Marine Officer, Commando*.Boardman Spike. Army. Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Vehicles.Brett-Knowles B-K Naval Instructor Officer Oxford Physics Graduate*.Brooke Dicky Naval Officer Surveyor*.Bruce Bob.ex-RAF Wireless Operator, Seismologist.Bull Colin Physics Graduate*.Cadd George ex-RAFVR Officer, Seismologist.Erskine Angus Naval Officer*.Dean Dixie Navy Telegraphist and Radio Mechanic*.Fletcher George Army Royal Engineers.Hamilton Richard Oxford Physics Graduate Meteorologist Second in command.Homard Roy Army Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Vehicles.Jensen Hans Danish Army Officer Surveyor (died in Greenland, 1953).Jones Eddy Merchant Navy Chief Officer*.Lewis Harold Medical Doctor.Lister Hal Graduate Glaciologist*.Masterton Jock Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Medical Doctor*.Moreton Ron Merchant Navy Chief Officer*.Oakley Taffy Army Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Vehicles*.Paterson Stan Graduate.Peacock Douggie Graduate Geologist.Rollitt Graham Naval Instructor Officer Graduate Meteorologist*.Simpson Commander Naval Electrical Officer Leader*.Slessor Malcolm Graduate.Taylor Buck Navy Telegraphist*.Taylor Pete Graduate Glaciologist*.Wylie Peter Graduate Geologist*.Walker Jim Army Royal Engineers.* = Two year men

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