Grahame Fowler…

Grahame Fowler is a NYC-based fashion designer and is a well known collector of issued watches – Tudor MilSubs, Rolex MilSubs, Rolex Comex and that’s just the Rolex and Tudor pieces. He is also a great friend and he has always given us some great ‘first glimpses’ of his Tudor watches as and when they arrive in his collection. When the guys at Hodinkee asked me who some of the most significant Tudorcollectors were, the first name that came to mind was Grahame. The below feature is a fascinating insight into Grahame’s outstanding collection and another fantastic Hodinkee video.

Grahame recently sent me this great picture; his awesome line-up of Tudor ‘Marine Nationale’ issued Submariners is genuinely amazing. And I also know that there are more on the way…stay tuned for more details!

GF Milsubs

I alwyas have real fun posting fun shots of Tudors on nato straps in the summer sun on Tudorcollector. There is one man, however, who is the king of nato-cool; so much so that he supplies nato straps to Mr John Mayer from his shop in NYC – Grahame Fowler. Here is an early group shot of his MNs, most featuring the original issued nato straps.
GF Straps
Here is a shot from his shop, showing some of the NATO straps on offer…
Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 09.01.46
And a shot of Tudors with their Rolex cousins, all in a strap roll…
GF MilSubs Mix

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