Authentication is a non-profit hobbyist project, however we are often approached regarding authentication of watches. Especially more high-value pieces.

As a general rule we always recomment any reader on this site to contact Rolex Geneva if they have any questions about their watch. However, we know that in the area of Military watches is very complicated and Rolex will often prefer not to make a statement as to the military provenance of a certain piece.

We do now offer two different types of authentication service.

A. Opinion.
An opinion is a written statement by us regd. a given piece, based on pictures and facts as they are presented by the owner of the piece. We do not accept any liability.

B. Authentication.
If we do a physical inspection of a watch we can give a written authentication based on the facts at the point in time we viewed the watch. The authentication will only relate to the special characteristics of the piece. Please see the below list of what we can verify:

– On Tudor Marine Nationale pieces we can authenticate serial number range for an issued watch, caseback engravings, overall condition.

– On a Tudor Homeplate Chronograph we can authenticate dial & hands as well as overall condition.

– On a second or third generation Exotic Chronograph (2 and 3 register) we can authenticate dial & hands as well as overall condition.

– On “Other” Non-MN Military pieces we can verify Military issue as well as engravings.

We do not authenticate movements as only Rolex has the correct tools to do so.



If interested in this service – please email us at:


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